• Sports Performance

  • Hydration Fusion

Sports Performance

For active lifestyles and athletes, this cocktail replace nutrients lost trough active training and illness and provide nourishment to cellular energy production.

This IV Nutrition can improve an athlete’s overall health and endurance.

The IV Drip for Athletes is created for individual athletes looking to optimize their fitness and overall recovery.

We evaluate every athlete individually and all levels of fitness training.


Fights dehydration

Increase stamina

Improve level of performance

Quickly repair damage from training and physical presentation

The Mix

Hydration Fusion

The IV fusion for hydration is ideal when you have depleted your body of fluids and electrolytes, often times after you have been sick with the flu or a stomach bug, or if you have exercised extensively and did not correctly hydrate throughout.
Dehydration occurs when your body is losing more fluid than you are taking in. The body eliminates water through two main functions: sweating and urine production. To rehydrate, you have to drink water and other beverages. The problem is, this route is under some conditions an inefficient way to achieve optimal hydration. A better solution is IV fluids. Drip hydration for dehydration treatment can have you feeling revitalized in about an hour or less.


Immune Strengthening

Fights dehydration by restoring essential fluids

Replenishes nutrients

Helps restores body to its natural functioning state

The Mix